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Bellone Announces Franchising Workshop

Suffolk County Department of Labor, Licensing and Consumer Affairs Offers Workshop to Navigate Franchising Opportunities

(Hauppauge, NY-January 31, 2014)  Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone announced Friday that the county will host a workshop on Tuesday, February 4, 2014 on franchising and career opportunities.

Stuart Levenberg of the Kensington Company will discuss how to find available franchising opportunities, how to research to find the right business and how to finance a franchise.

“This is a great opportunity for people looking to transition their careers or run their own independent businesses,” Bellone said. “The workshop will provide everything people will need to know to explore franchising as a career option.”

The workshop will take place at the Suffolk County One-Stop Employment Center, 725 Veterans Memorial Highway, Hauppauge and is scheduled to run from 9:30 to noon.

Reservations are required.  Please call (631) 853-6600.


Small Business Administration Shuts Down – Here’s What You Can Do

While the SBA would continue to guarantee existing loans in the event of a shutdown, it would cease backing new loans until Congress passes legislation to fund agency activities…It [also] makes emergency loans for businesses and homeowners following disasters like Hurricane Sandy and offers a variety of educational programs.

SBA Loans You Can and Can’t Get During a Government Shutdown, in Two Lists – Bloomberg Businessweek

The Disaster Loan Program and the Inspector General are two services that are continuing to operate during the Government Shutdown. Visit the link from Bloomberg Businessweek to see what services are not available from the Small Business Administration. Or Call the Small Business Development Center @ Stony Brook University: (631) 632-9070.

Multilevel Marketing : What is it? / Planes de comercialización multiniveles

Multilevel Marketing Companies are widespread in the community yet finding unbiased information about their operations can be difficult. With 28.58 Billion Dollars in Sales in total US Sales,  this post will cover what a Multilevel Marketing Company is, how they work, whether they are legitimate companies, and where to learn more.

What is it?
The Bureau of Consumer Protection defines Multilevel Marketing as: “individuals sell[ing] products to the public — often by word of mouth and direct sales. Typically, distributors earn commissions, not only for their own sales, but also for sales made by the people they recruit.” (Multilevel Marketing | Bureau of Consumer Protection [Español]) . The State of Washington Department of Financial Institutions says of Multilevel Marketing: “It is very easy to become a distributor. You don’t even have to have a lot of knowledge about the product or service being sold. Most distributors hear about the product through “Opportunity Meetings”, from friends, or through “Business Opportunity Shows”. Many people initially join in order to purchase their own supply of the product at a discount.” (Washington State Department of Financial Institutions: Multi-Level Marketing Tips) The Federal Trade Commission says “Almost any product or service could be sold through multilevel marketing, including health, beauty, and fitness products that aren’t available on store shelves.” (MultiLevel Marketing | Consumer Information [Español: Planes de comercialización multiniveles).

Direct Selling 411, an informational website about Direct Selling (Multilevel Marketing) for the Direct Sellers Association, has this to say about Direct Sales: “be sure to understand the following before taking any further steps: regardless of your goals, direct selling is not “easy income,” you will not “get rich quick” and there are no silver bullets to success. Anyone who promises you any of these things is misleading you.” (For Sellers | Direct Selling 411)

Is it legitimate?
The FTC makes a distinction between legitimate and illegitimate multilevel marketing companies in this way: “If the money you make is based on your sales to the public, it may be a legitimate multilevel marketing plan. If the money you make is based on the number of people you recruit and your sales to them, it’s not. It’s a pyramid scheme. Pyramid schemes are illegal, and the vast majority of participants lose money.” (MultiLevel Marketing | Consumer Information [Español: Planes de comercialización multiniveles).

How can I determine whether a MultiLevel Marketing company is legitimate?:
The Better Business Bureau says this about joining a multilevel marketing company: “…take time to learn about the plan. What’s the company’s track record? What products does it sell? Does it sell products to the public-at-large? Does it have the evidence to back up the claims it makes about its product? Is the product competitively priced? Is it likely to appeal to a large customer base? How much is the investment to join the plan? Is there a minimum monthly sales commitment to earn a commission? Will you be required to recruit new distributors to earn your commission?” (FTC: The Bottom Line about Multilevel Marketing Plans)

Interested in Learning About Multilevel Marketing Companies?

The Direct Sellers Association is “the national trade association of the leading firms that manufacture and distribute goods and services sold directly to consumers. Approximately 200 companies are members of the association, including many well-known brand names.” [Direct Sellers Association] [¿Que es la Asociación de Venta Directa?]

The Direct Sellers Association has a Member Directory that abides by the Direct Sellers Association Code of Ethics. [ Código de Ética de la Asociación de Venta Directa En Español]

*The Terms Direct Selling and Multilevel Marketing are used interchangeably for the purposes of this article, but are not the same. This article by Entrepreneur magazine will shed some light on the differences between Multilevel Marketing and Direct Sales.

Have you ever wished there was a site where you could ask qualified experts for Career Advice? is that site. Created by the HR Policy Association, allows you to submit a question or search for answers responded to by the United States’ largest companies. From Kellogg’s to American Express, you can get answers such as what to do if you are pregnant and interviewing, when to look for internships, and whether online education is worth it. These answers will help you in finding your next job.

How to Get the Interview From a Craigslist Job Ad

While getting an interview from a Craigslist ad may be difficult and the process different than applying to specific job sites, there are fundamental and Craigslist-specific tips should be learned from AnnMarie McIlwain, who wrote “How to Get the Interview From a Craigslist Job Ad.” Ms. McIlwain, who posted a Job ad for two positions, gives her rational for hiring the people she hired. They applied quickly, had no spelling or grammar mistakes, and made the response specific to the ad. Give the short article a read to pick up valuable pointers, it may help you get that job on Craigslist.

Free Safety and Health Consultation / Shared Work Programs

Free Safety and Health Consultation – The Department of Labor can help businesses in New York City and Long Island with immediate on-site or telephone safety and health consultations. The Department has a team of up to 40 safety and health professionals standing by to help provide information on personal protective equipment; the cleanup of mold, asbestos, lead and other hazards including electrical and mechanical issues; and construction and demolition issues. For an on-site consultation, please call (518) 457-3518 or visit any of the agency’s One-Stop Career Centers.

Consultación de Salud y Seguridad Gratuita – El Departamento de labor puede ayudar negocios en la Ciudad de NY y Long Island con asistencia inmediata en su domicilio o a través de consultas por teléfono. El departamento tiene un equipo de hasta 40 Agentes de Seguridad y Salud esperando su llamada, ofreciendo información con herramientas protectoras, limpieza de asbestos, molde, plomo y otros peligros incluyendo asuntos de electricidad o mecánica; también asuntos de construcción e demolición. Para una consulta, por favor llame (518)-457-3518 o visite uno de los sitios One-Stop de la agencia de Labor.

Shared Work – The Department of Labor can help businesses avoid layoffs by allowing employees to continue to work while collecting partial unemployment benefits. This program is particularly helpful for businesses that are still marginally in operation and can help offset the cost of paying for full time employees. For businesses interested in this program, please call the Shared Work program at (518) 457-2635 or visit any of the agency’s One-Stop Career Centers.

Trabajo Compartido – El Departamento de Labor puede ayudar negocios evitar despidos (por razones de falta de trabajo) dejando empleados continuar a trabajar durante el tiempo que están recibiendo beneficios de desempleo parcial. Este programa es particularmente útil para negocios que operan ligeramente y puede compensar el costo de pagar por empleados de tiempo completo. Para negocios interesados en este programa, por favor llame al programa de Trabajo Compartido (518)-457-2635 o visite cualquiera de las agencias “One-Stop”.

From New York State – Hurricane Sandy Department Services Page.

Business.USA.Gov Beta

A new site was launched by the JOBS Act signed by President Obama. In hoping to act more like the businesses they serve, the Government of the USA has developed a one-stop resource site for Small Businesses. Named, it brings together resources across various government agencies to help entrepreneurs with everything from starting a business, financing, hiring employees, tax information, tutorials, exporting and finding events sponsored by government agencies. It is currently in Beta stage, which means that it needs your feedback to continue improving. Special information is provided for businesses that are run by Veterans and Minorities as well as businesses that operate in Rural areas or the Web. Visit the site by clicking here.